Kakhetian Noble - White Dry. Case of 6 bottles (£18.00 per bottle inc VAT)

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What is in the case?

This wonderful wine comes from the Rkatsiteli vine and its name means “vines with red sprouts”. While historical documentation suggests that it has been cultivated in Kakheti since the first century AD, it is thought to be linked to populations who lived along the Alazani river. Its bunches weigh approximately 160 grams each and its skin and pulp are of an optimal consistency. This incredibly resistant variety of grapes can survive in temperatures that reach -25°C and it can also survive in times of drought. This grape, whose skin is rich in tannins, is the variety that’s most often used when producing wine in amphora.

Area of production: Kakheti-Georgia.

Type of terrain: calcareous and marly.

Grapes: 100% Rkatsiteli.

Alcohol: 13.23%

Best enjoyed: 10C - 12C

Volume: 750ml

Vintage: 2014

Allergens: Sulphites 

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