Well, it seems that those people who have invented process of wine-making couldn’t even guess what they had done - the drink appeared to be real nectar. Just remember how many different works of art were devoted to wine. It seems that every artist of all times was admiring this drink. It gives inspiration and health, it has unique, unforgettable taste and moreover it is totally natural. What could be better?

It is a real bestseller; many facts prove that no other commodity has such a high rating. You have to try on our wine because you can compare it with other alternative products and make your own conclusion which will prove that we were right about it, and our wines are really worth it. We all know this good very well and many people may say that there is nothing that could amaze them, but believe me it’s the one. It has millions of fans all over the world, and those people are really satisfied, they could not even imagine that our product would be so adorable. So, there is nothing better than thanks from pleased and happy clients.

Badagoni Brut. Georgian Sparkling Wine. Case of 6 bottles (£18.00 per bottle inc VAT).
Grape: Kakhetian MtsvaneColor: StrawAroma: Green appleTaste: Mild and delicate taste of ci..
£108.00 inc VAT
Badagoni Rose. Georgian Semi-Sweet Sparkling Wine. Case of 6 bottles (£18.00 per bottle inc VAT).
Grape: Saperavi (100%)Color: Light PinkAroma: Flowers and sweet fruits bouquetTa..
£108.00 inc VAT
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