Makashvili Wine Cellar

The traditional Qvevri winemaking method is over 8000 years old in Georgia and is still in use today. In 2013 Qvevri was awarded the status of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, which proves the uniqueness of this method and its special place in Georgian culture.

Vaziani Winery is a great example of a traditional Georgian winemaker. Makashvili Wine Cellar, owned by Vaziani, has its origins in the Makashvili estate of the second part of XV century. There are Qvevri vessels in the cellar which are more than 120 years old, found in the ground underneath the Vaziani Winery during renovations in 2012. Sadly, of the 200 Qvevri vessels found, only 39 them could be renovated.

Wines made by the Makashvili Wine Cellar are made strictly in accordance with traditional Qvevri winemaking methods, in centuries-old Qvevri vessels and in limited quantities. The company owners have inherited the unique Makashvili Qvevri winemaking method, which has already established its place in the world market; confirmed by a number of very prestigious awards at international exhibitions in recent years. The Makashvili Wine Cellar brand covers wine made from indigenous Georgian Grape varieties such as Khikhvi, Kisi, Mtsvane, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli as well European grapes cultivated in Georgia and made in Qvevri such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Montepulchiano;

Qvevri Technology and Vaziani Winemaking Philosophy

The Qvevri is a traditional Georgian vessel used for fermentation, maceration and storage. A Qvevri buried in the ground, ensures the optimum temperature for wine fermentation. The chemical processes that require specialized machinery and additives in wines produced in factories happen naturally and chronologically. Before the start of wine fermentation it is necessary to mix it frequently, around 4-5 times a day. After fermentation, grape pips, chacha, and pulp sink to the bottom. Under the pressure, the pips of the wine are covered with sediment and as a result, separated from the wine. The described method is called “Kakhuri”, after the name of the region in eastern Georgia where it has been used since ancient times. To this day this region remains the centre of Georgian winemaking. The Alazani valley is the most famous winemaking area in the Kakheti region. The unique geography and the best soil quality combine to create ideal conditions for cultivating grapes.

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