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Founded by a team of Georgian wine devotees, the Georgian Wine Club is dedicated to promoting Georgian Wine in a world dominated by French, Italian and Australian Wine. We all love an underdog, and the GWC are at the forefront of bringing Georgian wine to the market. Our aim is simple and founded on a pure enjoyment of such a rich product with untold depths of flavour.

About Georgian Wine


Few nowadays would doubt the assertion that the oldest traces of viticulture are to be found in Georgia. The history of wine began in Neolithic times, and the clearest traces of viticulture have been found on Georgian territory. Several decades ago, archaeologists working among the ruins of the settlement of Dangreuli Gora in a valley close to Marneuli uncovered a great number of grape pips from the 6th millennium BC. These pips' morphological and ampelographical characteristics were identical to those of vitis vinifera sativa.

There are around 1500 different varieties of grapes that are used to make wine. Out of that number, 400 is grown in Georgia and only 38 varieties are officially used for commercial viticulture.

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