About Us

Many companies come from humble beginnings, and Cenimex-Georgian Wine Club is no different. However, we have the advantage of drawing on millennia of tradition and excellent produce. Georgian wine’s story begins over 8,000 years ago as the first civilisation to farm and produce wine. Times and methods change, and Cenimex-Georgian Wine Club have the honour and privilege to be able to provide a variety of Georgian wines through the Georgian Wine Club's online shop. Some of our wines are produced using a method that dates back to the 10th century in the Alaverdi Monastery, in Georgia’s Kakheti region. Why shouldn’t wine be a religious experience and ‘Good enough for God’? Time-honoured and taste-tested is our motto!

In short, we love Georgian wine and we’re dedicated to making sure others do too. That’s what sets us apart, dedication to tradition, quality and the finest Georgian wines on a wholesale basis. 

Our guarantee:

1. We are working with the biggest wine companies in Georgia.

2. We sell only the highest quality Georgian wines.

3. We guarantee you an exceptional wine experience.


Georgian Wine Club is a trading name of Cenimex Ltd.