Saperavi - Red Dry Wine. Case of 6 bottles (£15.60 per bottle inc VAT)

£93.60 inc VAT
  • Brand: Badagoni
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What is in the case?

In Georgian “Saperavi”means ‘color’ and one look at this wine will provide you with the reason behind its name. This is one of the most important grape varieties of the Caucasian area and it was wide-spread in Europe during the XIX century. A historic wine in Georgia, it can be considered the forerunner of the world’s great red wines. One of its noteworthy properties is that it can resist prolonged drought as well as quasi Siberian temperatures.

Area of production: Kakheti-Georgia.

Type of terrain: calcareous and marly.

Grapes: 100% Saperavi.

Alcohol: 12.25%

Best enjoyed: 18C

Volume: 750ml

Vintage: 2016

Allergens: Sulphites 

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